High gas prices

I just read a post were the blogger wasted their time typing about why they believe that gas prices are soo hight.  According to the miss-informed blogger, gas prices are high because someone is getting rich.  Here we go again…those evil rich people.  At least the blogger didn’t blame George Bush.  Maybe a few unions will bus in some protesters to protest the high fas prices.  Liberal ignorance aside, gas prices are high because our President, who is not currently on vacation the last time I checked, but a freeze on oil drilling in the gulf.  Also, in order to protect our earth from the HORRIBLE consequences of climate change, the EPA is making it difficult for oil companies to get drilling rights.  Therefore, if you are a progressive lunatic, you should be happy that gas prices are going up.  Our earth’s health is counting on less fossil fuel usage.  What does this mean you may be wondering?  It means higher commodity prices.  I guess Machell Obama won’t need to worry about people being over weight.  If you are in to investing, I heard Hormel did real well the last time gas prices went up.  They sell spam.  But oh wait.  PETA has a problem with killing animals for food.  Maybe they should just settle with eating the bark off of trees.  But that might hurt the trees.  And the insanity continues.


About author2117

I am the author of a book called Jacob's Trouble With The Progressives. I also enjoy reading books about history and politics. I specifically enjoy reading about the Roman Empire and its decline. My favorite books are Animal Farm and 1984. I am a former member of the U.S. Air Force and a stanch supporter to the Constitution of the United States.
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